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Board Policy No. 22 - Service Requests <br />5. Notification and Implementation <br />a. Notify stakeholders and general public prior to start of service using written <br />notification placed at transit centers, on board vehicles, and on NCTD's website. <br />b. Work cooperatively with the requesting entity's employees and customers to <br />publicize the new service. <br />c. Monitor service using on-time performance data and ridership data to determine <br />whether minimum level of performance specified in the agreement is met. <br />Approvals <br />Ioll(I 11 <br />Board Chair Date <br />73?Aw 0. [t-, 1 <br />Executive Director <br />I bate <br />0 i t-1 <br />General Counsel Date <br />Page 3 of 4