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Board Policy No. 5 – Public Notice and Participation (continued) <br />Page 2 of 9 <br />Public Input Process and Time Limits <br />Each person desiring to address the Board on a non-agendized item shall state the subject they <br />wish to discuss. Each person addressing the Board on any matter, whether listed on the agenda <br />or not, shall state who they are representing if they represent an organization or other persons. <br />Speaker’s remarks are limited to three (3) minutes if they are speaking on an item not listed on <br />the agenda. If the speaker is speaking on an item listed on the agenda, he/she may be donated <br />three minutes by another speaker for a maximum of six (6) minutes. The Board may grant <br />additional time to speak on an item. In such case, the same time limit shall apply to all speakers <br />on that item. <br />All remarks shall be addressed to the Board as a whole and not to any Board Member specifically. <br />No questions shall be asked of a Board Member or a member of the staff without obtaining <br />permission of the presiding officer. <br />After a motion has been made, no member of the public shall address the Board from the <br />audience on the matter under consideration without first securing permission to do so by a majority <br />vote of the Board. <br />Process for Conducting Public Hearings <br />When required by law, public hearings will be conducted by NCTD at the date, time, and location <br />previously noticed, and shall be held in accordance with the schedule on the agenda or as soon <br />thereafter as practical. A public hearing is required for the adoption of NCTD’s annual budget <br />and for fare and service changes, which additional procedures are set out below. These public <br />hearings generally require a thirty (30) day notice. Public hearings for other matters shall <br />otherwise be conducted as required by law. <br />Prior to all Board public hearings, copies of the Board’s agenda, with attachments, inclusive of <br />any staff report, shall be available at the office of the Clerk of the Board at least seventy-two (72) <br />hours prior to the commencement of the public hearing, provided, however, the Board may allow <br />in its discretion the filing of supplemental reports which shall be made public at the <br />commencement of the public hearing in accordance with the Brown Act. The public hearing will <br />allow for all interested parties to be heard prior to Board consideration of the proposal. The Board <br />will also consider any written comments which were forwarded to the Board on the hearing item. <br />1. Public Hearings Procedure <br />Unless otherwise required by law, the order of the public hearing shall be as follows: <br />a. Open the Public Hearing <br />The presiding officer shall open the public hearing as scheduled on the agenda. <br />i. Presentation of Staff Report Questions from the Board.The presiding officer <br />shall call for public testimony of people in favor/in opposition. <br />The presiding officer may, dependent upon the necessity for ensuring adequate <br />presentation of testimony and evidence to provide a fair hearing, set longer time