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Board Policy No. 4 – Rules of Procedure for the Conduct of Meetings <br />Page 2 of 9 <br />When necessary, a Board member may attend a Board meeting by teleconference in accordance <br />with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act. <br />Meetings <br />1. Regular Meetings (requires a seventy-two (72) hour notice) – The Board conducts its <br />regular meeting on the third Thursday of the month generally at 2:00 p.m. at NCTD's <br />administrative offices, or the location identified in the public notice of the meeting. Closed <br />session is generally held at the end of the regular meeting as set forth and noticed on the <br />agenda. The start time of the Special Meeting is dependent upon the number of Workshop <br />items, typically 1:00-1:30 p.m. The notice of the meetings must be posted at least seventy- <br />two (72) hours before the start of the meetings. At the last regular meeting of the Board <br />in December of each year, the Board shall adopt a schedule of its meetings for the coming <br />year. <br />2. Special Meeting (requires a twenty-four (24) hour notice) – The Chair of the Board may <br />within his/her discretion, or upon the request of any two (2) Board members with <br />concurrence of the Chair, call a special meeting for the purpose of transacting any <br />business so specified in a published meeting notice. In addition, a special meeting may <br />be called by a majority of the members of the Board by delivering, personally or by mail, <br />written notice to each member of the Board twenty-four (24) hours before the time of the <br />special meeting. Notice to members of the Board may be dispensed with as to any Board <br />member who at, or prior to, the time the meeting convenes files with the Clerk of the Board <br />a written waiver of notice. The written notice may also be dispensed with as to any Board <br />member who is actually present at the meeting at the time it convenes. The meeting <br />notice shall be provided to whatever local newspaper publishes regular meetings of the <br />Board. The notice shall specify the time and place of the special meeting together with <br />the business to be transacted. No other business shall be conducted by the Board except <br />that so specified in the notice. <br />3. Emergency Meeting (twenty-four (24) hour notice waived) – An emergency meeting may <br />be called for: <br />a. Any activity that severely impairs public health, safety, or both as determined by a <br />majority of the members of the Board; <br />b. A crippling disaster, mass destruction, terrorist act, or threatened terrorist activity <br />of significance that poses immediate peril. <br />Any meeting of the Board, however called and noticed, shall be a valid meeting if a quorum <br />is present and each of the Board members not present signs a written waiver of notice or <br />an approval of the minutes of the special meeting. All waivers or approvals shall be made <br />a part of the minutes of the meeting to which they relate. <br />4. Closed Session – All regular, standing committee, and special meetings of the Board shall <br />be open to the public, provided; however, that the Board may hold closed sessions during <br />these meetings from which the public may be excluded for the purpose of considering <br />certain matters as authorized and noted in the published meeting agenda. Only voting <br />members of the Board shall participate in Closed Session meetings of the Board.