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Board Policy No. 7 – Board Member Compensation and Travel Expense Reimbursement <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />Attendance at Meetings and Conferences <br />Members are encouraged to take advantage of transit-related development and educational <br />opportunities. It is desirable and beneficial to NCTD, and to the public it represents, that members <br />actively participate in state and national transit-related association activities. Members may attend <br />meetings and conferences of organizations listed below and receive reimbursement for actual <br />and necessary expenses for such attendance with the approval of the Board Chair. The Board <br />Vice-Chair will approve the Board Chair’s travel requests and expenses. With the Board Chair’s <br />or Vice-Chair’s approval, as applicable, NCTD travel arrangements shall be made through the <br />NCTD Clerk of the Board or designee. <br /> American Public Transportation Association (APTA) <br /> California Transportation Association (CTA) <br /> LOSSAN <br />In addition to the travel described above, reimbursement for expenses will be provided to any <br />member who is active on any approved transit-related committee for expenses related to <br />committee meetings attended by the Board member. This would include meetings such as those <br />of the California Transportation Commission or legislative meetings at the state and federal <br />legislatures. <br />In the event the Board seeks additional representation at LOSSAN, it may appoint a member of <br />the public to attend the meetings and represent the Board in the capacity as Special Advisor. In <br />that event, the designated member of the public shall be entitled to per diem for attending the <br />meetings and travel expenses, as provided herein. <br />Transportation <br />1. Board Meetings and Governmental Entities in Southern California – Each Board member and <br />alternate shall be entitled to receive a reimbursement for mileage to and from meetings of the <br />Board, committees of the Board, designated governmental entities, and public agencies while <br />representing NCTD in an amount equal to the number of miles driven times the amount <br />permitted to be deducted as a business expense by the United States Internal Revenue <br />Service. If a member or an alternate receives mileage expense from another entity, including <br />the city represented by the member or alternate, the member or alternate shall not be entitled <br />to mileage reimbursement from NCTD. <br />2. Reimbursement for Travel beyond Southern California – If the distance to a function is five <br />hundred (500) miles or less, train, air, or automobile travel may be used at the option of the <br />traveler. If travel is by automobile, the member shall be entitled to receive a reimbursement <br />for mileage to and from the occurrence, at an amount equal to the number of miles driven, <br />times the amount permitted to be deducted as a business expense by the United States <br />Internal Revenue Service. <br />If the distance to the occurrence is greater than five hundred (500) miles, air travel or train <br />travel shall be used, unless rejected due to physical or other reason, approved by the Board <br />Chair or Vice-Chair as applicable. If automobile travel is used, the transportation expense to <br />be paid by NCTD will be limited to the total related costs for duration of travel and ground