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Board Policy No. 8 – Conflict of Interest Code <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />categorized incorrectly. The FPPC makes the final determination whether a position is covered <br />by 87200): <br />Board Members and Alternates <br />Executive Director <br />Chief Financial Officer <br />Financial Consultants <br />Disclosure Requirements <br />A. Public Officials and employees holding positions designated in this Conflict of Interest <br />Code are required to file the initial, annual, and leaving office statement of economic <br />interest for the types of interests in the categories set forth in the applicable Disclosure <br />Categories. It has been determined that these persons make or participate in making <br />decisions, which foreseeably may have a material effect on such financial interests. <br />B. Where the Disclosure Category requires disclosure of interests in real property, the <br />designated employee is only required to disclose real property which is located in whole <br />or in part within or not more than two (2) miles outside the boundaries of the jurisdiction <br />or within two (2) miles of any land owned or used by the District. <br />C. Where the Disclosure Category requires disclosure of investments or sources of income, <br />the designated employee is only required to disclose investments in business entities and <br />sources of income which do business in the jurisdiction, plan to do business in the <br />jurisdiction, or have done business in the jurisdiction within the past two (2) years. In <br />addition to other activities, a business entity is doing business within the jurisdiction if it <br />owns real property within the jurisdiction. <br />D. Where the Disclosure Category requires disclosure of business positions, the designated <br />employee is only required to disclose positions of director, officer, partner, employee, or <br />any position of management in organizations or enterprises operated for profit. <br />Designated Positions Governed by the Conflict of Interest Code <br />DESIGNATED EMPLOYEES' <br />TITLE OR FUNCTION <br />DISCLOSURE CATEGORIES <br />ASSIGNED <br />Architect 2, 3, 5 <br />Assistant Controller 5 <br />Bus Mechanical Officer 5 <br />Chief Administrative Officer 1, 2 <br />Chief Development Officer 1, 2 <br />Chief Financial Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 <br />Chief Procurement and Contract Administration Officer 1, 2 <br />Chief Operations Officer (All) 1, 2 <br />Chief of Safety and Security 5 <br />Chief Technology Officer 5 <br />Civil Rights Officer 1, 2