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Board Policy No. 20 – Complimentary Transit Passes <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />2. Promote NCTD services. Communications and marketing staff, as well as community <br />outreach staff, may distribute complimentary passes to individuals targeted through a <br />specific marketing promotion or campaign. Additionally, passes may be distributed to non- <br />profit, governmental, social service, and educational organizations that promote general <br />welfare in NCTD’s service area. <br />The NCTD Chief Financial Officer may authorize other employees to receive complimentary <br />passes for onward distribution to present or potential NCTD customers on a case-by-case basis. <br />Employees who receive complimentary passes are responsible to distribute these passes in <br />accordance with the intended purpose. Misuse or unauthorized distribution of these passes is <br />subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, employment termination. <br />Pass Distribution to Board Members <br />At the beginning of his/her year term on the Board, each Board member and alternate receives <br />one Compass Card transit pass. The Board member may use this pass to travel on BREEZE, <br />SPRINTER, COASTER, MTS Bus, MTS Rapid, MTS Rapid Express, and Trolley. This pass is <br />issued to cover public transit costs in the NCTD service area for each Board member during their <br />term on the NCTD Board. This pass is non-transferable, and NCTD will collect this pass when <br />each Board member leaves his/her position on the Board. <br />Board members and alternates do not receive complimentary passes for distribution. <br />Board members and alternates do not receive complimentary passes, Compass Cards, or a <br />lifetime pass upon concluding their service on the NCTD Board of Directors. <br />Pass Distribution to NCTD Employees <br />As noted in the NCTD Employee Handbook, all NCTD employees (excluding members of the <br />Board of Directors) will be issued a photo identification Compass Card which also serves as a <br />transportation pass (valid for use on BREEZE, SPRINTER, COASTER, MTS Bus, MTS Rapid, <br />MTS Rapid Express, and Trolley). Eligible dependents of NCTD employees may also receive a <br />pass for NCTD public transportation (BREEZE, SPRINTER, and COASTER). For additional <br />information, please refer to the NCTD Employee Handbook. <br />Pass Inventory Control <br />The Finance Division manages the complimentary passes. Pass management includes <br />collaborating with the Chief Administrative Officer on review of complimentary pass requests, <br />ordering and tracking the passes in numerical sequence in a control log, or similar document or <br />system which provides for recording of equivalent information.