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Board Policy No. 21 – Complementary ADA Paratransit Program <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />The paratransit certification process may take up to 21 days. If a determination has not been <br />made within 21 days, the applicant will be treated as eligible until a determination is made. To <br />apply for paratransit eligibility, individuals should refer to NCTD’s Rider’s Guide or <br /> Individuals who are found to be conditionally <br />eligible or ineligible for LIFT service are allowed to appeal the decision within 60 days of the initial <br />determination. <br />Customers determined to be eligible for NCTD’s LIFT service are encouraged to take full <br />advantage of NCTD’s accessible fixed-route bus and rail service. Certified paratransit riders can <br />apply for a Paratransit Photo ID Card, which allows free travel on BREEZE buses and SPRINTER <br />trains, and a reduced fare on COASTER trains. If a paratransit customer is certified for a personal <br />care attendant (PCA), the PCA can also ride free on the BREEZE and SPRINTER. <br />Customers visiting from outside the NCTD service area who are eligible to use paratransit service <br />in their respective area are allowed to use the NCTD LIFT service by contacting NCTD’s eligibility <br />certification contractor and providing proof of the certification. Once they have been approved, <br />these customers may use LIFT up to 21 days out of a 365-day period. If the customer desires to <br />use the service more than 21 days, they must be certified by NCTD’s eligibility certification <br />contractor. <br />Service Area and Trip Length <br />Certified customers may request LIFT trips during the same hours of the day and days of the <br />week within a ¾-mile zone of BREEZE fixed-route bus and SPRINTER rail service. LIFT <br />reservationists will advise customers of whether the origin or destination of a trip is within the ¾- <br />mile zone and the service hour availability of requested trips. Pursuant to ADA law, NCTD’s LIFT <br />service functions as a “safety net” for persons whose disabilities prevent them from using the <br />regular fixed route system and is not intended to meet all the transportation needs of all persons <br />with disabilities, all of the time. The NCTD Board policy establishes the LIFT service area as the <br />¾-mile buffer zone around all BREEZE fixed routes and SPRINTER rail stations (excluding <br />commuter bus/rail service, rail right-of-way, and FLEX zones). Additionally, any uncovered, small <br />areas measuring one square mile or less, that are created by the ¾-mile buffer zone, are included <br />in the definition of NCTD Paratransit service area. <br />NCTD Board policy defines “excessively long” trips to be trips where the trip length is longer than <br />the comparable fixed-route time, to include time it takes to walk to a bus stop, transfer(s), and <br />walk to one's destination. <br />Fare <br />The cash fare for ADA paratransit per ride for ADA-certified passengers for one complete trip, <br />origin to destination, regardless of any need to transfer between ADA transit operators or zones, <br />shall be double the local fixed-route fare of the typical fixed-route service linking the origin and <br />destination based on a determination by NCTD. Such determination must be made by calculating <br />the regular fixed-route fare, including transfers for a trip of similar length, at a similar time of day, <br />on the NCTD fixed-route system.