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Board Policy No. 23 — Railroad Construction Scheduling and Management <br /> 3. The Executive Director or his/her designee is responsible for developing agreements and <br /> guidelines for continuity of operations during construction. The agreements and guidelines <br /> should address seasonal constraints, coordination with other corridor users, notification <br /> requirements, project types (track, signal, or bridge), and work location (Escondido or San <br /> Diego Subdivisions, Mile Post location and impact to service). <br /> 4. Project/Construction Managers involved in project planning and/or construction that may <br /> impact NCTD railroad operations shall consult with NCTD as soon as they become aware <br /> of an impact to NCTD's rail operations. Earlier consultation supports improved <br /> coordination and minimizes potential delay(s) to projects. <br /> 5. Project/Construction Managers are responsible for ensuring that they have developed <br /> sufficient plans that detail the nature of the proposed construction project and its impact <br /> on NCTD. <br /> 6. Project/Construction Managers are responsible for meeting all applicable regulatory and <br /> NCTD requirements including the execution of appropriate agreements to support the <br /> mitigation of construction impacts on NCTD's property. <br /> 7. Project/Construction Managers are responsible for ensuring project planning and design <br /> consider and identify the impact of construction and discussing alternatives with NCTD as <br /> part of the Project Study Report process and throughout the project development process. <br /> 8. NCTD and Project/Construction Managers at the sixty (60) percent phase of design will <br /> formally agree in writing whether or not a railroad closure is required for a project. <br /> 9. NCTD in collaboration with SANDAG and NCTD's rail partners, BNSF, Metrolink, and <br /> Amtrak, will coordinate the timeframe or dates of the closure consistent with NCTD and <br /> SANDAG's Guidelines for Continuity of Operations During Construction and execute <br /> agreements/gain concurrence with impacted parties prior to initiating a procurement for <br /> construction of a project. <br /> 10. Project/Construction Managers are responsible for identifying a process to eliminate or <br /> reduce the potential of slow orders resulting from construction. Slow orders shall be <br /> mitigated with special equipment such as a Track Stabilizer to ensure continuity of rail <br /> operations. Project/Construction Managers are responsible for tracking all construction <br /> related slow orders and submitting the information to NCTD in a monthly report. <br /> Master Construction Calendar <br /> NCTD shall maintain and manage a master construction calendar that identifies the anticipated <br /> dates for the next twenty-four (24) months that are available for NCTD tracks to be closed to rail <br /> service for capital or maintenance projects. <br /> 1. When scheduling construction that will impact operations, NCTD shall consider significant <br /> local and regional events. <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />