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Board Policy No. 26 – Discrimination Complaint Procedures <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />Civil Rights Officer <br />NCTD’s Civil Rights Officer is responsible for administering this complaint procedure as well as <br />ensuring compliance with applicable laws. <br />NCTD Complaint Procedures <br />NCTD follows both Federal and State laws and regulations with regard to claims of discrimination <br />from persons who are not NCTD employees. <br />1. When To File Complaint – Complaints should be in writing and must be filed with NCTD <br />within one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days of: <br /> The date of the alleged discriminatory action; or <br /> The date on which prior ongoing conduct was discontinued; or <br /> The date complainant had knowledge of the alleged discriminatory practice <br />Complaints may be accepted by NCTD beyond the one hundred and eighty (180) calendar <br />day deadline at the discretion of the Civil Rights Officer. <br />2. What To File – A complaint must be in writing and include the following: <br /> The complaining party’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number; <br /> A full description of the problem; <br /> A statement of the remedy requested <br />Individuals filing a complaint may choose to use NCTD’s Title VI/Unruh Discrimination <br />Complaint Form, available at or at NCTD Customer Service centers. <br />3. Filing Options – Complaints may be submitted with the following methods: <br /> Filed with the Civil Rights Officer at NCTD, 810 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA <br />92054; or <br /> Filed at NCTD Customer Service centers; or <br /> Emailed to; or <br /> NCTD’s Customer Service may be contacted by phone at 760-966-5600. <br />4. Notice of Receipt – Upon receipt of the complaint, the Civil Rights Officer will review the <br />complaint for timeliness and appropriateness for this grievance procedure and will notify <br />the complaining party acknowledging its receipt. The Civil Rights Officer may contact the <br />complainant to clarify details to establish merit in order to determine if an investigation is <br />warranted. <br />5. Investigation – If the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the Civil Rights Officer, the <br />Civil Rights Officer or his or her designee shall promptly initiate an investigation. In <br />undertaking the investigation, the Civil Rights Officer may interview, consult with, and/or <br />request a written response to the issues raised in the complaint from any individual the <br />Civil Rights Officer believes to have relevant information, including staff and members of <br />the public.