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Board Policy No. 33 – Joint Use and Development of Real Property <br />Page 2 of 8 <br />d. Design and Placemaking. NCTD shall pursue high quality design that enhances <br />the surrounding community and creates inviting spaces and places around NCTD <br />transit facilities. <br />Joint Use and Development Criteria <br />Joint use and development on NCTD real property shall adhere to the following criteria: <br />1. Transit Prioritization <br />a. NCTD shall retain authority over its transit facilities and services, and no <br />development shall negatively impact existing or future public transportation <br />facilities. <br />b. No development shall obligate NCTD to any specific operational level of service, <br />unless funds are provided by third party sources to cover specified operational <br />levels. <br />c. NCTD shall seek Joint Developments that prioritize relatively dense, trip <br />generating uses. <br />2. Financial Policies <br />a. Use of a long-term ground lease is generally preferred as opposed to fee <br />disposition. <br />b. While maximizing asset securities, Joint Developments should minimize the <br />commitment of NCTD financial resources and limit such commitments only to <br />project components that have a direct public benefit to the District (i.e., transit <br />parking, increased ridership, system optimization, etc.). <br />c. Joint Developments should minimize any investment risks on behalf of NCTD. <br />d. Capital or in -lieu contributions from other public agencies are encouraged in order <br />to create a greater community economic benefit to NCTD Joint Development <br />projects. <br />3. Community Outreach <br />a. Community Engagement. Proposers/Developers are encouraged to proactively <br />engage with the communities where the joint development projects occur through <br />a variety of methods, which may include charrettes, focus groups, workshops, <br />email updates, and social media communications. Developers selected for Joint <br />Development projects shall be required to demonstrate project viability and <br />conformance with any community plan and/or general land use entitlement <br />process of the local jurisdiction in which the subject property is located, as <br />applicable. <br />b. Local Collaboration. NCTD will consult and work cooperatively with local <br />jurisdictions and developers to encourage transit -supportive, high-quality <br />development at stations and surrounding properties. All developments must follow <br />the local laws and policies of the jurisdiction in which they reside, as applicable.