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Board Policy No. 19 – Delegation of Authority to the Executive Director <br /> <br />Page 2 of 6 <br />7. Execute and accept associated payments for all right-of-way property transfer <br />documents, including, but not limited to, rights of entry, licenses, leases, deeds, <br />easements, escrow instructions, and certificates of acceptance. <br /> <br />8. Reject all bids or proposals and suspend the competitive procurement process. <br /> <br />9. Provide the final determination to persons or firms filing a protest regarding NCTD <br />procurement or contracting processes or procedures. <br /> <br />10. Execute a contract for services performed by District personnel of any value if the <br />services are reimbursable and accept reimbursement from any entity for services <br />performed by District personnel. <br /> <br />11. Award a contract if the initial contract value does not exceed $200,000 and is consistent <br />with the Board-adopted budget. <br /> <br />12. Award a revenue-generating contract if the initial contract value does not exceed <br />$100,000. <br /> <br />13. Authorize a contract modification/amendment (which includes contract change orders <br />and supplemental agreements) of any value consistent with the Board-adopted budget <br />if the modification/amendment does not exceed $100,000, singular or cumulative in <br />value, and if the modification/amendment does not involve a major change in scope, <br />unless the modification/amendment costs are reimbursable by a third party and an <br />agreement for reimbursement is in place, in which event, the modification/amendment <br />may be of any value. <br /> <br />14. Award individual task orders to any task order-based contract under the basic scope of <br />the contract, valued at not more than $200,000. <br /> <br />15. Award contracts or purchase orders of any value when District funds are reimbursed by <br />a third party, the procurement was conducted in accordance with approved procedures, <br />and an agreement for District reimbursement is in place. <br /> <br />16. Not amend a contract which was originally awarded at a value of $200,000 or less if the <br />amendment increases the contract value over $200,000 in value. <br /> <br />17. Report contract actions and modifications made in accordance with this policy to the <br />Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. <br /> <br />18. Execute a memorandum of understanding, memorandum of agreement, or interagency <br />agreement along with general counsel if the document involves ministerial business <br />transactions and if the annual committed value does not exceed $100,000 or, regardless <br />of the value, if the expenditure of District funds is reimbursable. <br /> <br />19. In accordance with the California Government Code §935.4, approve settlements for <br />liability and workers compensation claims that do not exceed $50,000 and forward a <br />claim of any amount to the Board of Directors for consideration and action as may be <br />appropriate.