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Board Policy No. 27 – Equal Employment Opportunity <br /> <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />• All NCTD applicants and employees have the right to file complaints alleging <br />discrimination with the EEO Officer or Civil Rights Officer (CRO), including the right to a <br />fair, timely, and thorough investigation that provides all parties appropriate due process <br />and reaches reasonable conclusions based on the evidence collected. Supervisors and <br />managers are responsible for immediately notifying the CRO of any allegation(s) of <br />violations of this policy. <br />• Applicants and employees may also file a complaint directly with the Department of Fair <br />Employment and Housing and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. <br />• NCTD will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. <br />• Retaliation against an individual who files a charge or complaint of discrimination, <br />participates in an employment discrimination proceeding (such as an investigation or <br />lawsuit), or otherwise engages in a protected activity is strictly prohibited and will not be <br />tolerated. <br />• All NCTD managers and supervisors shall receive at least two (2) hours of sexual <br />harassment prevention training and education within six (6) months of assuming a new <br />managerial/supervisory position and every two (2) years thereafter through NCTD or the <br />Department of Fair Employment and Housing by going to: <br />• All nonsupervisory employees shall receive at least one (1) hour of sexual harassment <br />prevention training and education within six (6) months of assuming a nonsupervisory <br />position and every two (2) years thereafter through NCTD or the Department of Fair <br />Employment and Housing by going to: <br /> <br />NCTD has developed a written nondiscrimination program that sets forth the policies, practices <br />and procedures, with goals and timetables, to which the agency is committed and ensures the <br />EEO Program is available for inspection by any employee, or applicant for employment upon <br />request. <br /> <br />All claims of unlawful discrimination and harassment are taken very seriously. Violations of this <br />policy may subject NCTD employees to appropriate remedial measures, up to and including <br />termination. <br /> <br />The overall responsibility for the implementation of the EEO Program, including administration <br />and investigation of complaints, rests with NCTD’s EEO Officer, Laura Coté. The EEO Officer <br />reports directly to the Executive Director and is charged with the responsibility for monitoring and <br />oversight of the program. <br /> <br />To maintain the integrity of the EEO investigative and decision-making process, the CRO has <br />been designated as the employee responsible for conducting EEO complaint investigations and <br />for engaging in the interactive process for qualified applicants or employees who request a <br />reasonable accommodation. The CRO is separate from Human Resources (HR) and HR <br />functions, thus ensuring no conflicts of position or conflicts of interest occur or appear to occur. <br />Third-party investigators may be used when there is, or appears to be, a conflict of interest <br />between the complainant, respondent, and/or investigator and/or when it seems prudent to do so <br />because of the nature or complexity of the complaint and/or if it is likely that the investigation may <br />result in litigation. <br />