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Board Policy No. 2 <br />Appointment to Board of Directors <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />Summary <br />This Board Policy sets out the North County Transit District Board of Directors’ (“Board”) <br />governing mission statement, describes the appointment process for members and alternates, <br />and outlines the responsibilities of Board members. <br />Governing Mission Statement for Board of Directors <br />The Board is responsible for representing the citizens of North San Diego County in providing <br />strategic and policy level leadership to ensure that North County Transit District (“NCTD”) meets <br />the public transportation needs of the region in a full, safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. <br />Board Members and Alternates <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125050, as amended, the Board is composed of one member <br />of each of the city councils of the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, <br />Solana Beach, San Marcos, and Vista, one member from the San Diego County Board of <br />Supervisors, and one non-voting member from the City Council of the City of San Diego, effective <br />January 1, 2019. Additionally, Public Utilities Code § 125050(a) provides that the member of the <br />County of San Diego Board of Supervisors shall represent the largest portion of the county within <br />NCTD’s jurisdiction as defined by Public Utilities Code § 125052. <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125051, each city and the county represented on the Board <br />appoints one alternate member to serve on the Board when the regular member is not available. <br />The alternate shall be subject to the same restrictions and shall have the same powers, when <br />serving on the Board, as the member. However, the alternate members may not be compensated <br />to attend non-Board meetings and conferences and may not travel at the expense of NCTD. <br />Election of Board Chair and Vice Chair <br />The Board Chair and Board Vice-Chair shall be nominated each year by the Board at its <br />December meeting based on the recommendations of a three-person nominating committee <br />appointed by the Board Chair in November with the concurrence of the full Board at that meeting. <br />The Board Chair and Board Vice-Chair shall be subsequently elected by the Board at the January <br />meeting of the Board of Directors, pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125100. Only voting <br />members are eligible to serve as the Board Chair and Vice Chair and as the members of the <br />nominating committee. <br />If the position of Board Chair is vacated for any reason prior to the conclusion of the term, the <br />Board Vice-Chair shall become the new Board Chair to serve the remainder of the term. The <br />Board shall elect a new Board Vice-Chair at the next regularly scheduled meeting to serve the <br />remainder of the term. <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125100, in the event of the absence or inability of the Board to <br />act, the Chair or Vice-Chair, or the members present, by an order entered into the minutes, shall <br />select one of their members to act as Chair pro tem, who while so acting, shall have all of the <br />authority of the Chair.