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Board Policy No. 1 <br />General Provisions <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />Summary <br />This policy establishes the purpose, responsibilities, and update process for this and other <br />Board Policies and procedures. The North County Transit District Board of Directors (“Board”) <br />will provide updates to existing Board Policies and direct staff in the development, adoption, and <br />implementation of new Board Policies as necessary. <br />Offices and Location <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125001, the name of this District shall be the “North County <br />Transit District” (“NCTD”). The general administration office mailing address shall be 810 <br />Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92054. <br />Mission and Vision Statements <br />NCTD’s mission is to deliver safe, convenient, reliable, and user-friendly public transportation <br />services. <br />NCTD’s vision is to provide an integrated transit system that enables our customers to travel <br />easily and efficiently throughout the region. <br />Definitions <br />Board Policies: Policies adopted by the Board are established to guide the operation of the <br />District. Previously known as “Policies” but renamed as “Board Policies,” all Board Policies may <br />be found at <br />Adoption <br />Board Policies have been adopted pursuant to the provisions of the North County Transit <br />District Act (Public Utility Code § 125000, et. seq.) as set forth in Division 11.5 of the Public <br />Utilities Code of the State of California. The Board is responsible for establishing general <br />policies governing the operation of the District. The Board shall delegate to the Executive <br />Director the authority to carry out Board Policies, as appropriate, and may request of the <br />Executive Director reports regarding the administration and effectiveness of these Board <br />Policies. <br />Severability <br />If any policy or portion of a policy contained within the Board Policies is in conflict with statutes, <br />regulations, rules, or legislation having authority over NCTD, said statutes, regulations, rules, or <br />legislation shall prevail. Further, the sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, and phrases in <br />Board Policies are severable; and if any section, paragraph, sentence, clause or phrase of any <br />of the Board Policies is declared unconstitutional or otherwise invalid by the valid judgment or <br />decree of a court of competent jurisdiction, such unconstitutionality or invalidity, shall not affect <br />any remaining sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, and phrases of the Board Policies.