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Board Policy No. 6 <br />Ethics Training <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />Summary <br />This Policy establishes requirements for state-imposed ethics training for members of the Board <br />and designated employees. <br />Background <br />On October 10, 2005, Assembly Bill (AB) 1234 was approved by the State of California which <br />imposed ethics training and compensation and reimbursement requirements on cities, counties, <br />and special districts. This legislation took effect January 1, 2006. <br />Minimum Training Requirement <br />Members of the Board and employees, who are designated by the Board, shall receive at least <br />two (2) hours of ethics training every two (2) years, pursuant to the provisions of Government <br />Code § 53234, et seq. <br />The employees whose titles are included in Board Policy No. 8, Conflict of Interest Code, <br />are designated by the Board to receive ethics training in accordance with this policy. These <br />employees are also required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) each year. <br />Departing Board members and designated employees shall submit an “Exiting Office” Form 700 <br />within thirty (30) days of their final date of service on the Board or employment with NCTD. <br />Source of Training <br />Ethics training shall be provided by an agency, an association of local agencies, or other entity, <br />in accordance with criteria approved by the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Attorney <br />General. NCTD’s Manager of Human Resources, or designee, shall provide members of the <br />Board and the designated employees information on the training available to meet these <br />requirements. <br />Time of Training <br />Each member of the Board and designated employee who commences service with NCTD after <br />January 1, 2006, shall receive the required training within sixty (60) days from the first date of <br />service with NCTD, or appointment to a designated position. Thereafter, said members of the <br />Board and designated employees shall receive training at least once every two (2) years. <br />Members of the Board who serve a local agency other than NCTD are only required to satisfy <br />the requirements of this Policy once every two (2) years regardless of the number of agencies <br />they serve. <br />Certificate <br />All members of the Board and designated employees shall provide a certificate to the Manager <br />of Human Resources, indicating the dates upon which they attended ethics training sessions to <br />satisfy requirements. The certificate shall also include the entity which provided the training.