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Board Policy No. 3 <br />Committees and External Appointments <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />Summary <br />This policy describes the North County Transit District (“NCTD”) Board of Directors (“Board”) <br />committee structure, composition, and appointment process, and provides for designation of <br />members and alternates to external committees. <br />Board Committee Structure <br />The Board committees are: <br />1. the Executive Committee; <br />2. the Marketing, Service Planning, and Business Development Committee (MSPBD); and <br />3. the Performance, Administration, and Finance Committee (PAF). <br />Only voting members of the Board are eligible to serve on NCTD Board committees and/or to be <br />designated as a member or alternate to an external committee representing NCTD. <br />Committee Responsibilities and Duties <br />1. Executive Committee – Responsible to ensure that the Board effective and prudent <br />management of NCTD and provides oversight and guidance to NCTD in the achievement <br />of its goals. Following are examples of the subject matters addressed by the Executive <br />Committee: <br />a. Annually review and recommend amendments to the Board rules and procedures; <br />b. Develop NCTD policy recommendations pertaining to strategic planning, values, <br />ethics, and issues deemed necessary to be referred to the full Board by the <br />committee; <br />c. When authorized in advance by the Board, act for the full Board between meetings; <br />d. Annually evaluate the in-house General Counsel pursuant to Government Code <br />§54957.6; <br />e. Actively support the Executive Director; evaluate the Executive Director annually; <br />and develop recommendations for full Board approval on Executive Director <br />selection, compensation, and employment pursuant to Government Code <br />§54957.6. <br />2. MSPBD Committee – Responsible to ensure that NCTD is formulating and executing <br />strategies that support increasing ridership and revenues within the resources allocated <br />through the budget process. Following are examples of the subject matters addressed by <br />this committee: <br />a. Development and implementation of a marketing and communications plan; <br />b. Development and modification of service plans across all modes;