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Board Policy No. 4 <br />Rules of Procedure for the Conduct of Meetings <br />Page 1 of 9 <br />Summary <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125101, this policy establishes rules and procedures for the <br />conduct of Board meetings for the North County Transit District (“NCTD”). <br />Robert’s Rules of Order <br />If a matter arises at a North County Transit District’s Board of Directors (“Board”) meeting which <br />is not covered by these Rules of Procedure or applicable provisions of federal or state law, the <br />procedures of the Board shall be governed by the latest revised edition of Robert's Rules of Order. <br />Ralph M. Brown Act <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125104, all meetings of the Board, including standing <br />Committee meetings, shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by the Ralph M. Brown Act, <br />Chapter 9, Part 1, Division 2, Title 5 of the Government Code, commencing with Section 54950. <br />Failure to Observe Procedures <br />These provisions are adopted to expedite the transaction of the business of the Board in an <br />orderly fashion and are deemed to be procedural only. The failure to strictly observe such rules <br />shall not affect the jurisdiction of the Board or invalidate any action taken at a meeting that is <br />otherwise held in conformity with law. <br />Quorum and Voting <br />Pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125102, a majority of the Board members eligible to vote shall <br />constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and all official acts of the Board shall require <br />the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Board eligible to vote; however, after a <br />vote of the members is taken, a weighted vote may be called by any two members eligible to vote. <br />In the case of a weighted vote, the County of San Diego and each city (with exception of the City <br />of San Diego), shall, in total, exercise 100 votes to be apportioned annually based on population. <br />Approval under the weighted vote procedure requires the vote of the representatives of not less <br />than three jurisdictions representing not less than 51 percent of the total weighted vote to <br />supersede the original action of the Board. When a weighted vote is taken on any item that <br />requires more than a majority vote of the Board members eligible to vote, it shall also require the <br />supermajority percentage of the weighted vote. <br />The population of the County of San Diego shall be the population in the unincorporated area of <br />the County within the area of jurisdiction of the Board pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 125052. <br />NCTD shall calculate the population of each member City (with exception of the City of San Diego) <br />and the unincorporated area of the County using the most current United States Census Data, <br />and the Clerk of the Board shall maintain such information for use at any noticed Public Meeting <br />in order to calculate the weighted vote.