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Board Policy No. 7 <br />Board Member Compensation and Travel Expense Reimbursement <br />Page 1 of 6 <br />Summary <br />This policy describes compensation and related requirements for members of the North County <br />Transit District’s (NCTD) Board of Directors (Board) and alternates, pursuant to Resolution No. <br />18-09, dated October 18, 2018. <br />Board and Alternate Member Compensation <br />1. Meetings of the Board – Pursuant to California Public Utilities Code § 125107, members of <br />the Board or their alternates shall be entitled to receive a stipend of $150 for attendance at <br />each meeting of the Board. Each member or alternate may receive a total amount in stipends <br />not-to-exceed $750 in any calendar month. <br />2. Meetings of Other Governmental Entities and Public Agencies – Pursuant to California Public <br />Utilities Code §125107, each member or alternate who has been designated by the Board to <br />represent NCTD at meetings of “other governmental entities and public agencies,” designated <br />below, shall be entitled to receive a stipend as provided in Public Utilities Code § 125107; <br />however, in no event shall any person be compensated by multiple agencies for the same <br />meeting. Members attending two meetings in one day of the approved compensated meetings <br />shall be paid for each meeting. <br />3. Governmental Entities and Public Agencies Designated for Board Member Compensation – <br />Members or alternates who are appointed to represent NCTD shall be entitled to stipend and <br />expenses for attending board and committee meetings of the following governmental entities <br />and public agencies: <br />a. Meetings and committee meetings of the San Diego Association of Governments <br />(SANDAG); <br />b. Meetings and committee meetings of the Los Angeles – San Diego – San Luis Obispo <br />(LOSSAN) agency; <br />c. Joint Committee on Regional Transit (JCRT). <br />Any change in the compensation for members or in the method of deriving an amount of <br />compensation to them requires an amendment to Public Utilities Code §125107. <br />Passes <br />Members and alternates receive a pass to ride public transportation for the duration of their <br />service on the Board. <br />Travel Expense Reimbursement (General) <br />Whenever a member or alternate attends a meeting or conference on behalf of NCTD, they shall <br />be reimbursed according to the rules set forth in this section.