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Board Policy No. 8 <br />Conflict of Interest Code <br />Page 1 of 6 <br />Summary <br />This policy establishes the NCTD Conflict of Interest Code pursuant to the Political Reform Act <br />(Government Code § 81000, et seq.). <br />Purpose <br />The Political Reform Act (Government Code § 81000, et seq.) requires state and local government <br />agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict of interest codes. The Fair Political Practices <br />Commission (“FPPC”) has adopted 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18730 (“Regulation 18730”) which <br />contains the terms of a standard conflict of interest code which can be incorporated by reference <br />in an agency’s code. After public notice and hearing, Regulation 18730 may be amended by the <br />FPPC to conform to amendments in the Political Reform Act. Therefore, the terms of Regulation <br />18730 and any amendments to it duly adopted by the FPPC are hereby incorporated by reference. <br />This incorporation page, Regulation 18730 and the attached Appendix designating positions and <br />establishing disclosure categories, shall constitute the conflict of interest code of the North County <br />Transit District (the “District”). <br />Government Code § 87306.5, also requires every local government agency to review its Conflict <br />of Interest Code biennially to determine if it is accurate or if the code must be amended. Once the <br />determinations have been made, a notice must be submitted to the code reviewing body per the <br />biennial review. <br />All officials set forth in Government Code § 87200 and designated positions shall file their <br />statements of economic interest with the Human Resources Manager as the District’s Filing <br />Officer. The Human Resources Manager shall make and retain a copy of all statements filed by <br />Members of the Board and the Executive Director, and forward the originals of such statements <br />to the Clerk of the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors. The Human Resources Manager <br />shall retain the originals of the statements of all other designated positions and will make all <br />retained statements available for public inspection and reproduction during regular business <br />hours. (Gov. Code § 81008.) <br />Officials Who Manage Public Investments <br />District officials who manage public investments, as defined by 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18700.3(b), <br />are NOT subject to the District's Code, but must file disclosure statements under Government <br />Code § 87200 et seq. (Regs. 18730(b)(3)) These positions are listed here for informational <br />purposes only. <br />It has been determined that the positions listed below are officials who manage public investments <br />(Note: Individuals holding one of the above-listed positions may contact the FPPC for assistance <br />or written advice regarding their filing obligations if they believe that their position has been