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Board Policy No. 13 <br />Advertising, Concessions and Merchandising <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />Summary <br />This document establishes policy and guidelines concerning a revenue-generating advertising, <br />concessions, and merchandise program for NCTD. <br />Background <br />Public transit operators and administration agencies have historically utilized advertising, <br />concessions, and merchandising programs to supplement operational and capital funds. A sound <br />advertising and concessions program can be a viable alternative income source while promoting <br />transit use and ensuring rider convenience and safety. This policy advances the advertising <br />program’s revenue-generating objective while also prohibiting advertisements that could detract <br />from that goal, such as by harming advertisement sales, reducing ridership or tarnishing’s NCTD’s <br />reputation. By this Policy, NCTD intends to limit advertising space to innocuous and less <br />controversial commercial and service oriented advertising only. NCTD’s justifications for its <br />advertising program and policy include: <br />1) Generating advertising revenue; <br />2) Increasing ridership by promoting NCTD’s services, programs and benefits; <br />3) Informing NCTD riders of local, state or federal programs, services or benefits; <br />4) Preserving ridership by avoiding controversial content; <br />5) Preventing the risk of imposing controversial views on a captive audience; <br />6) Preserving the marketing potential of the advertising space by avoiding controversial <br />content; <br />7) Maintaining a position of neutrality on matters of public debate; and <br />8) Reducing the risk of diversion of resources from transit operations that are caused by <br />controversial content. <br />Purpose <br />These programs shall include advertising on or in BREEZE and FLEX buses, LIFT vehicles, <br />COASTER and SPRINTER trains, transit facilities in North County, merchandise sold to the <br />public, selected printed materials, and NCTD websites, online media, and social media. The <br />purpose is to increase revenues supplementary to fares and non-operating subsidies to be used <br />for NCTD operations without creating a negative perception or harming the “brand” name of NCTD <br />and the services that we provide. The display of advertising is solely for this purpose. It is not <br />intended to provide a general public forum for purposes of communication but rather to make use <br />of property held in a proprietary capacity in order to generate revenue. It is the Policy of NCTD <br />that such advertising spaces on NCTD property, which includes the exterior and interior of buses <br />and trains, benches, shelters, related transportation facilities, selective printed materials, website, <br />online media, and social media, shall constitute a nonpublic forum subject to uniform viewpoint- <br />neutral restrictions. This policy has been drafted to ensure a non-public forum status on its <br />advertising spaces and NCTD staff will accordingly enforce this policy with that intention.