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Board Policy No. 14 <br />Record Management and Document Control <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Summary <br />This policy establishes the requirement to implement and maintain a record management and <br />document control system to manage NCTD’s paper and electronic documents. <br />Scope <br />This policy applies to certain categories of NCTD’s documents, including, but not limited to, the <br />following official records: <br />1. Board agendas, resolutions, ordinances, staff reports, and minutes <br />2. Consultant reports <br />3. Contracts and purchase agreements <br />4. Correspondence (outgoing, incoming, and internal) <br />5. Deeds (real estate) <br />6. Drawings (as-builts) <br />7. Easements <br />8. Financial statements <br />9. Grants and supporting documents <br />10. Internal audit reports <br />11. Leases (real estate and equipment) <br />12. Licenses (real property and software) <br />13. Manuals and Plans <br />14. Memoranda of understanding (MOUs) <br />15. NCTD ordinances and resolutions <br />16. Personnel Records <br />17. Policies and procedures <br />18. Property permits <br />19. Records retention schedule <br />20. Regulatory audit reports <br />21. Regulatory required plans <br />22. Sensitive security information (SSI) <br />23. Tax returns <br />24. Vital records