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Board Policy No. 15 <br />Records Retention Policy and Schedule <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Summary <br />The legislative body may, by resolution,adopt and comply with a record retention schedule that <br />is consistent with guidelines provided by the California Secretary of State,pursuant to <br />Government Code § 12236, that classifies all of the District records by category and that <br />establishes a standard protocol for destruction or disposition of records. This policy establishes <br />a records retention schedule, by category, for District documents. <br />Record Retention Schedule <br />The attached Record Retention Schedule of the North County Transit District, is hereby <br />replaced with the attached updated Record Retention Schedule adopted by Resolution 17-10 on <br />October 19, 2017. See revision record below. <br />General Guidelines for Record Retention <br />Retention of official records will be based on the requirements set forth in the Record Retention <br />Schedule. In the event of any future system reconfiguration or conversion, all records, whether <br />in original hard copy, electronic, or photographically reproduced form,shall be retained by the <br />same requirements unless otherwise provided by law or by District policy. <br />For the purpose of this policy, electronic records, which constitute official District records, must <br />be analyzed and retained in the same manner and to the same extent as paper records in <br />accordance with the requirements of law and this Policy. <br />The District shall generally retain all official communication in electronic form for a minimum <br />of two (2) years, unless a shorter or longer retention period is specifically authorized by State <br />or F ederal regulation and this Board of Directors retention policy. <br />The District shall retain original administrative, legal, fiscal and/or historical records with <br />continued value (e.g., records for long-term transactions, pending litigation,and/or special <br />projects) until all matters pertaining to such records are completely resolved or the time for <br />appeal has expired. (Gov. Code § 60201). <br />The District shall retain indefinitely original documents that are designated as vital to: <br />Resuming and/or continuing operations. <br />Re-creating the legal and financial status of the District in case of a disaster. <br />Fulfilling obligations to bondholders, customers, and/or employees. (Gov. Code § 60201). <br />Destruction of Documents <br />The Board of Directors authorizes the Executive Director or his/her designee(s) to interpret <br />and implement this policy and the Records Retention Schedule, and to cause to be destroyed