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Board Policy No. 20 <br />Complimentary Transit Passes <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Summary <br />This policy establishes the procedures and requirements regarding the distribution of North <br />County Transit District (NCTD) complimentary transit passes, pursuant to Resolution No. 18-09, <br />dated October 18, 2018. <br />Background <br />NCTD distributes a limited number of complimentary passes each year. NCTD issues <br />complimentary passes valid for use on various modes of service within the region (inclusive of <br />BREEZE, SPRINTER, COASTER). <br />NCTD uses these passes for two purposes: <br />1. To improve customer satisfaction with NCTD transit services after trip delays, equipment <br />failure, or any other valid purpose where the District deems appropriate to compensate a <br />customer. <br />2. As a marketing tool to increase ridership, by providing an introductory experience to <br />potential new customers to NCTD’s services. <br />Pass Distribution to the Public <br />Complimentary passes are provided upon request of NCTD employees who obtain approval from <br />their Department Manager and the Chief Administrative Officer. Such employees must submit a <br />completed Complimentary Pass Request Form via the Document Management System (currently <br />Laserfiche). This form requires a description of the event or purpose to substantiate the need and <br />the employee’s supervisor or manager’s authorization. <br />NCTD is authorized to distribute complimentary passes for the following purposes: <br />Improve customer satisfaction. NCTD may offer a complimentary pass to minimize <br />customer dissatisfaction due to inconvenience and/or service quality. Customer Service <br />Department staff may request a complimentary pass for a customer under the following <br />circumstances: <br />a. If, through no fault of the customer, he/she experiences a service disruption in <br />his/her trip. <br />b. The customer has filed a Rider Report, or the customer has stated his/her intention <br />to file a Rider Report. <br />c. In an event of possible void/refund transaction, the customer would accept a <br />complimentary pass rather than a cash refund. <br />d. Other possible customer satisfaction events that occur, as determined on a case- <br />by-case basis at the discretion of the Manager of Customer Service or designee.