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Board Policy No. 21 – Complementary ADA Paratransit Program <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />Summary <br />This policy sets forth the North County Transit District’s (NCTD) programmatic approach and <br />operations to support compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, as <br />amended. <br />Policy <br />ADA law requires public transit entities such as NCTD to provide complementary paratransit <br />service, or equivalent public transportation, to individuals with disabilities who cannot board, ride, <br />or navigate accessible fixed-route bus or train service because of their disabilities. Individuals <br />whose disabilities prevent them from using an NCTD lift-equipped bus or the accessible rail <br />system may be eligible for the LIFT paratransit service. <br />Eligibility and Certification <br />The ADA and its implementing regulations define who is eligible for complementary paratransit <br />service [49 CFR, Part 37.123 (e)(1)(2)(3)]. An individual is eligible to use LIFT if he/she has a <br />disability and meets one of the following criteria: <br />1. He/she is unable to board, ride, or disembark from an accessible vehicle without the <br />assistance of another person (except for the operator of a lift or other boarding device). <br />2. He/she is a person with a disability who needs the assistance of and can use accessible <br />buses on routes that are not fully served by accessible buses, or when the bus stop is not <br />accessible due to physical characteristics of the stop. <br />3. He/she has a specific impairment-related condition that prevents him/her from traveling to or <br />from a boarding or disembarking location. <br />Eligibility is not based on age, economic condition, or inability to drive an automobile. Having a <br />medical condition or a disability will not automatically qualify applicants for ADA paratransit <br />eligibility. <br />NCTD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, <br />age, religion, ancestry, marital status, medical condition, or disability in the level and quality of <br />transportation services and transit-related benefits, in accordance with 49 CFR §37.5(a), Title VI <br />of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, California Code § (Unruh Civil Rights Act), or California <br />Government Code § 11135. <br />NCTD also does not discriminate on the basis of any other protected status under state or federal <br />law in the level and quality of transportation services and transit-related benefits. The NCTD <br />Board has adopted Board Policy No. 26, Discrimination Complaint Procedures, providing prompt <br />and equitable resolution of complaints alleging discrimination.