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Board Policy No. 33 <br />Joint Use and Development of Real Property <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />Summary <br />This policy establishes joint use and real property development goals, objectives, and <br />procedures ("Joint Development"). <br />Objectives and Goals <br />It is the intention of the Board to achieve the maximum utilization and benefits of District-owned <br />property, consistent with transportation goals and community development objectives. <br />Joint Development of District property is centered on three major goals: <br />1. Transit Prioritization <br />a. Preserve NCTD Property for Transit Use. NCTD shall preserve the ability to safely <br />operate and maintain transportation facilities on its properties. <br />b. Increase Transit Ridership. Joint Development shall aim to reduce greenhouse gas <br />emissions and increase transit ridership by attracting new riders and increasing <br />the number of transit trips. <br />2. Fiscal Responsibility <br />a. Maximize Revenue. Joint Development projects are expected to generate value <br />by maximizing ground rent revenues received, or equivalent benefits negotiated, <br />for the use of NCTD property. <br />b. Minimize Risk. Joint Development projects shall minimize financial risk to NCTD. <br />c. Feasibility. Joint Development projects should be reasonably viable, now and in <br />the future. <br />3. Community Integration, Engagement, Land Use Policies and Design <br />a. Community Integration. NCTD shall seek to create projects that are compatible <br />with the surrounding community and reflect the needs and desires of the <br />neighborhood in which they are situated, to the extent this objective meets the <br />transit prioritization and fiscal responsibility goals. <br />b. Community Engagement. The Joint Development will engage the local community <br />members through the land use and entitlement process of the applicable local <br />jurisdiction. <br />c. Land Use Policies. All Joint Development projects are subject to the land use <br />policies and approval processes of the associated jurisdiction. When residential <br />uses are applicable and jurisdiction requirements or allowances are applicable, <br />NCTD shall advocate for affordable housing.