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Permit Cost Recovery Schedule (One Time) <br />Right-of-Entry Permit Actual Cost * <br />Right-of-Entry Permit Amendment/Extension Actual Cost * <br />Special Event Permit Actual Cost * <br />Plan/Work Plan Review Process (hourly rate): <br />Submittal Review Actual Cost * <br />Right-of-Way Support Services <br />Contractor Safety Training (Roadway Worker Protection): <br />Class per participant $168.37 <br />Flag Protection - hourly rate $77.01 <br />Mark Out of Utilities - hourly rate $81.52 <br />Incidental Use Fees <br />Set-Up and Administration <br />Incidental Use Viability, Negotiations & License Set-Up Fee (One-Time)$1,500 <br />Administration Fee (Recurring Annually)$190 <br />Incidental Use Fees (Recurring Annually) <br />Standard Transverse Wireline Crossing (Electric, Telephone, CATV) $2,000 <br />Telecommunication Fiber Optic Cable (0 - 432 strands)$4,500 <br />Telecommunication Fiber Optic Cable (>432 strands)$10.42/strand per cable <br />Pipeline Utility Crossing (Sewer/Water/Storm Drain) <br /><0”-10” diameter $1,450 <br />>10”-24” diameter $1,900 <br />>24”-30” diameter $2,500 <br />>30”-42” diameter $3,500 <br />>42”-52” diameter $4,500 <br />>52” diameter Case by Case <br />Longitudinal installations <br />Standard Wireline (Electric, Telephone, CATV) (≤ 200 feet in length)$2,000 <br />Standard Wireline (Electric, Telephone, CATV) (> 200 feet in length)$10/linear foot <br />Pipeline Utility (Sewer/Water/Storm Drain) <br /><0”-10” diameter (≤ 200 feet in length)$1,450 <br /><0”-10” diameter (> 200 feet in length)$7.25/linear foot <br />>10”-24” diameter (≤ 200 feet in length)$1,900 <br />>10”-24” diameter (> 200 feet in length)$9.50/linear foot <br />>24”-30” diameter (≤ 200 feet in length)$2,500 <br />>24”-30” diameter (> 200 feet in length)$12.50/linear foot <br />>30”-42” diameter (≤ 200 feet in length)$3,500 <br />>30”-42” diameter (> 200 feet in length)$17.50/linear foot <br />>42”-52” diameter (≤ 200 feet in length)$4,500 <br />>42”-52” diameter (> 200 feet in length)$22.50/linear foot <br />>52” diameter Case by Case <br />Incidental Use Fees (One-Time) <br />Guy wires, arms, brackets and service drops $500 <br />BOARD APPROVED COST RECOVERY FEE SCHEDULE <br />FISCAL YEAR 2022 <br />* Actual cost is generated from NCTD labor time applied to a specific process at a fully burdened hourly rate, plus costs <br />incurred by NCTD directly related to the requested activity. Fully burdened hourly rates applied by NCTD include the base <br />compensation of NCTD staff that are engaged in the requested activity, plus the associated employee benefits incurred by <br />NCTD for that staff member such as payroll taxes, medical benefits, retirement plans, etc.