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***REVISED*** <br /> <br />Members <br />Todd Gloria, Chair <br />Councilmember <br />City of San Diego <br />Jim Desmond, Vice Chair <br />Mayor, City of San Marcos <br />(Representing North County Inland) <br />Mary Salas <br />Mayor, City of Chula Vista <br />(Representing South County) <br />Ron Roberts, Chair <br />County of San Diego <br />Jerry Jones <br />Councilmember, City of Lemon Grove <br />(Representing East County) <br />Harry Mathis, Chair <br />Metropolitan Transit System <br />Lisa Shaffer <br />Deputy Mayor, City of Encinitas <br />(Representing North County Coastal) <br />Rebecca Jones, Vice Chair <br />North County Transit District <br />Jim Janney <br />San Diego County Regional <br />Airport Authority <br />Alternates <br />Mark Kersey, Councilmember <br />City of San Diego <br />Michael Woiwode <br />Councilmember, City of Coronado <br />(Representing South County) <br />Bill Horn, Supervisor <br />County of San Diego <br />Greg Cox, Supervisor <br />County of San Diego <br />Bill Baber <br />Vice Mayor, City of La Mesa <br />(Representing East County) <br />Lorie Bragg <br />Metropolitan Transit System <br />Lesa Heebner <br />Councilmember, City of Solana Beach <br />(Representing North County Coastal) <br />Judy Ritter <br />Mayor, City of Vista <br />(Representing North County Inland) <br />Bill Horn / John Aguilera <br />North County Transit District <br />April Boling <br />San Diego County Regional <br />Airport Authority <br />Advisory Members <br />Laurie Berman / Bill Figge <br />District 11, Caltrans <br />Erica Pinto (Jamul) <br />Allen Lawson (San Pasqual) <br />Southern California Tribal <br />Chairmen’s Association <br />Gary L. Gallegos <br />Executive Director, SANDAG <br />TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE AGENDA <br /> <br /> <br />Friday, June 17, 2016 <br />9 a.m. to 12 noon <br />SANDAG Board Room <br />401 B Street, 7th Floor <br />San Diego <br />AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS <br />• PROPOSED FY 2017 TRANSIT AGENCIES <br />OPERATING BUDGETS <br /> <br />• FY 2017 CLAIMS FOR TRANSPORTATION <br />DEVELOPMENT ACT AND STATE TRANSIT <br />ASSISTANCE <br /> <br />• GILMAN DRIVE BRIDGE PROJECT <br /> <br /> <br />PLEASE SILENCE ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES DURING THE MEETING <br /> <br />YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE <br />MEETING BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE AT SANDAG.ORG <br />MISSION STATEMENT <br />The 18 cities and county government are SANDAG serving as the forum for regional decision-making. <br />SANDAG builds consensus, makes strategic plans, obtains and allocates resources, plans, engineers, <br />and builds public transit, and provides information on a broad range of topics pertinent to the <br />region's quality of life. <br /> <br />San Diego Association of Governments ⋅ 401 B Street, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101-4231 <br />(619) 699-1900 ⋅ Fax (619) 699-1905 ⋅ <br /> <br />